About Me

Here is a quick intro:
This handsome devil is me, Steven Morris; Christian, husband, father, youth minister. I have the world's greatest job... well greatest-ish. I have many reasons for frustration, stress and general dissatisfaction, just like you, but my job has meaning. I'm not saying that your's does not. I get the joy of working with the vibrent youth of the Lord's Church. Everyday I see a new reason to praise my God through working with these children, and the relationships we build together make all the little frustrations seem well worth it. They are the precious gems I blog about.

This knock-out is my wife, Kimberly. Kimberly is the most important person in my life (besides my Lord), and the woman of my dreams. Give her a hand! This woman is the driving force beyond everything I accomplish. She is always at my side (no matter how tired she might be or how grumpy I might be), for every youth event, planning dinner, cleaning session, and any other time and energy consuming thing that I, the youth, their parents, the rest of the congregation, or the elders can immagine we need to do. Few will ever know the effort that a woman such as my wife spends for her Lord and her man.
I am proud to say that our marriage is a happy one, and one that functions quite well. The Lord has truely blessed me with a wonderful wife and three wonderful children.

These are my crown jewels. Middle, Little, and Big D, if you follow my wife's blog; for the rest of you, meet Dominick, Diamond, & Devan. These guys make my life worthwhile.