Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Brick in the Wall

As the rocker that I am, I could not resist this chance for a Pink Floyd reference. As you now know, this blog is about the young Christians who make up our church, and the spiritual house of God (1 Peter 2:5). A precious stone was added to that spiritual house today. Ronnie, a young man who just happens to be one of my favorites in the youth group, was baptized this about 8 1/2 hours ago. We are very proud to be able to call him a brother, and to know that he is in the fold of God and the body of Christ.

Before I ever met Ronnie and his girl-friend, Deanna, some one said to me, "I don't know if they are what you would call goths, but they sure do seem to wear a lot of black." Having been a child of such a description myself, I knew the 3 of us would get along even before I met them. I am proud to say that we are great friends (unless they are just letting me think so for my own sake).

What has always impressed me the most about these two is there grasp of Christianity. These kinds don't just "come to church," they have been involved with everything I have planned. These guys will do anything that I ask them to do, and are always looking for a way to help others. I know that they always pay attention in class (even when I think otherwise), because they can always answer the questions, even when it has been months since we covered the material. They love God, and they put up with me, and that says a lot. I could go on forever about how much these two mean to me but it's nearly 1 AM and I can't handle that hour of the night anymore. So, here's to you two. My Lively little stones, Onyx and black spinal.

Is that lame that I just made you gems? I thought you would approve of my choice in stones though. Oh well, I just did.


  1. So maybe this comment will actually post...

    "I don't know if they are what you would call goths, but they sure do seem to wear a lot of black."
    Who said that? lol.
    It made me laugh. :)

  2. I don't remember, but it made me laugh too.