Monday, June 14, 2010

Rocking out in Memphis

At the end of last month, I had a chance to go visit my best friend, Josh Manning. I was going to make the trip to Henderson TN (about 7 hours away) by my lonesome, but the boys in our youth group decided they would like to tag along. We thought we would make a pit stop at Memphis, see the sights, see where I went to school, play some disk golf, eat some awesome food, and see a band. We were to meet Josh in Memphis and spend the night with him and three other Freed-Hardeman University students, before going to see Freed in the Morning.
So, we got to Memphis and stopped at a few places we thought looked interesting.

Seeing sights: Check

We drove around (I got lost) trying to find disk golf disks for about an hour and a half. When we finally found a sporting good store that sold them it was dumping down rain.
Disk Golf: FAIL!
So we went and took a short tour of my life by visiting the Memphis School of Preaching.
Visiting my old School: Check!
By this time we were hungry so we went to the greatest hot wing establishment in the history of forever, Ching's Wings. If you go to Memphis, there is a unwritten rule that you only hurt yourself if you break. Go down to Getwell Rd. and eat at Ching's Wings. It's a rule! I didn't write it, I'm just telling--ok so maybe I did write it, but it's a good rule. We ate about 40 of our 50 wings and I must say, this is the fist time I have ever seen a meal that these boys could not finish, or wanted to be able to finish more than this one.

Eat some awesome food: Check, Check! Yum...
So with full bellies and happy hearts we left Ching's to go to down town Memphis a hear a band. Which seems to have placed my name near the top of the boys' awesome list.
See a band: Check!
By now we were worn out and headed to Henderson to spend a night with the Freed Students.

Joshua Manning

Emory Buckner
Two guys not shown here (hey, you can't expect me to have pictures of everything).

They were a lot of fun to hang around, and they were kind enough to give us a place to stay and allow us to play video games all night on their big screen TV.

Night with Freed Students: Check!

The next morning we were to go and see Freed-Hardeman University... but I may not have realized that this was school break time and there were no tours to be had. Out tour was nothing more than a drive by with me telling which building was what. Which worked out because we needed to get back to Mena before nightfall anyway.

Oh well, 5 out of 7 ain't bad, especially when you throw a trip like this together at the last moment. On the ride back we talked about the benefits of Christian Universities and planned a lot of things for the youth and education department. Good trip with a great bunch of people. I'm looking forward to our next road trip!

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